Studio Tracking – The Interlude Sessions @ VFCC

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am working on tracking a band called “The Interlude” which a bunch of my friends are a part of.  We are tracking in the Protools HD studio that is at Valley Forge Christian College.  We are using the Avid C|24 as our control surface and we have two digi racks: the 192 and the 96.  Our drum tracks are complete

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.  (For more info, see previous post)  Tonight, due to scheduling conflicts, I was not able to track bass first as I had wanted.  So I did most of the electric guitar tracks with the scratch acoustic and vocals playing in the background.  It worked alot better then I had anticipated.  Also, I did some experimenting with micing as I am so fond of doing.  The electric guitarist, Aaron Ranzenbach, used his Vox Valvetronix amp for everything so far.  We may use another amp for a few things later but that will be determined then

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.  For micing, I used a Shure SM57 on the front of the amp aimed in between the center cone and the outer edge.  It was almost exactly half way in between the middle and the outer edge.  Secondly, I decided to try an SM57 in the back of the amp aimed towards the cone through the metal housing of the speaker.  It gave me a very mellow tone while I was able to get a more harsh, yet still very warm sound from the SM57 in front.  I was not quite satisfied with it though.  Since Aaron was playing at a relatively low volume level, I decided the sound pressure level was low enough that I could safely use a small diaphragm condenser in the back of the speaker.  I decided to try the Audio Technica AE5100 loaned to VFCC from Doug Gould of WorshipMD (  This sounded great!  I loved the definition and clarity I got from the AE5100.  Granted, I was comparing apples and oranges (the SM57 response to the AE5100) but at the end of the day, what sounds the best is what makes the money right?  Anyway, continuing on, I then placed an Audio Technica AT4080 active ribbon mic about 18 inches in front of the speaker.  That gave me a nice ambient effect with the figure 8 pickup pattern even in the relatively dead room that I was using to track.  I may experiment tomorrow with a Sennheiser e609 to give me a little bit of a different sound and to help me make other tracks sit differently in the mix but we shall see.  Stay tuned, I’ll be posting links for you all to listen to my work as soon as it’s available.  Hopefully, the final tracks should be done sometime in early January.  I would love to get them mastered but I simply don’t have the plug ins and I don’t have the money to pay another studio to do it…so we’ll see what happens.  Thanks for reading…I’ll keep you all posted!

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