Folgers 2011 Jingle

So, as I’m sitting here relaxing a little before I go to the gym tonight, I’m sipping a cup of coffee.  I love coffee and I’ve blogged about it before but it just so happens that two things I love are combined.

Music has always been a passion of mine and I love creativity in music.

Anyway, a worship leader at National Community Church, Kurtis Parks, and his sister Bethany Parks are entering a Folgers coffee jingle contest.  They dreamed up their own jingle and put their creative spin on it.  Dave Schmidgall, one of the NCC campus pastors took it to the next level by filming a music video which they have submitted to Folgers as their contest entry.  It was filmed after the service at one of NCC’s locations; the Gala Hispanic Theatre.

You can check it out on YouTube here:

I have been able to mix for both Kurtis and Bethany at various NCC and Ebenezer’s Coffeehouse events

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.  They are both super talented and I’m looking forward to seeing what music they release in the near future

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Bethany is currently working on a new studio release.

Kurtis will be leading worship on a live worship CD that NCC will be recording in September.

In the next few days, I will be writing a review of Kurtis Parks latest CD “Light Will Shine”

So, check out the video and check back for more later.

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