Who loves coffee?

Hey all you coffee lovers out there!!  Well, maybe not everyone reading this will love coffee, but I certainly do!!

In September, one of the guys who lived a few dorms down from me told me about the Gevalia coffee subscription

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.  Normally, I’m pretty apprehensive when it comes to subscribing to something because I’m nervous about getting locked in

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.  But, with this, everyone I talked to didn’t get locked in at all.

Basically, what you can do, is you can sign up for any of their subscription plans and you’ll get a free gift for signing up.  The free gifts include various different coffeemakers, cups, carafes, canisters, and other things.  You’ll be able to see what free gift you’ll be getting before you sign up.

Anyway, I signed up for their Gevalia Kaffe at Home one because it was the cheapest and I would get a stainless steel coffee maker as my free gift.  So, boom signed up for it and I have to say, it came fast and not to mention, the coffee that came with it was pretty good.  So, I decided to keep it for a little while.  One thing I really like about their subscriptions, is that you can basically select when you want it shipped to you and you can push back or move up shipments however you like.  For example, I get two boxes every other month…kind of as a treat to myself.  I will say, the coffee is good but a little pricey if you decide to keep it so you might just cancel right away or just only get it as a treat to yourself every few months which is completely doable with their program.

Anyway, if you feel like checking it out, here’s the link to their website with my referral:  http://gevalia.popularmedia.net/click/share/f08e14cf20ca7c965150a8fdae9fa1af


Feel free to comment or email me at jason@jasoncastellente.com.

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