T-Mobile mytouch 4G Powerskin case

Anyone who has owned an Android smartphone or knows an Android smartphone user, knows that they are not the greatest when it comes to battery life and power usage.  Android phones can use alot of data and power particularly if background sync is enabled.  Alot of times, I tell people who have issues with battery life that they may consider disabling some of their sync functions until they actually open the app or set the phone to sync certain apps less regularly.

Well, what happens when you’ve done that and you still have battery issues?  What if you use your phone alot because of work or you are simply an intense phone user?  Carrying around a charger gets old and almost defeats the purpose of having a smartphone.

This is the issue that I wound up having with my HTC Mytouch 4G shortly after I got it.  I use my phone alot for work especially when I am away from my computer.  I’m also new to the Washington DC area so I haven’t quite found my way around yet and need a little assistance from my GPS in my phone.  That’s pretty power intensive because it uses the GPS chip, the data network, the screen, the speaker also used for speaker phone as well as consistently using the CPU.  And of course, my car has a broken lighter so a car charger is out of the question for the time being.

So, I purchased a Powerskin made by XPal.  It is a rubber case with an extra battery built into the back of it.











Basically, you take the case and put your phone in it connecting the phone to it by a small USB cable inside of the case

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.  That USB cable feeds the phone power while it is connected which charges the phone until the battery in the case is exhausted.











On the back of the case, it also has lights that indicate how much battery life is left in the case itself.  You can see the indicator by pressing the battery button on the back which activates the indicator.  Below is a picture of the case fully charged with four blue lights illuminated.











I have been really impressed by the performance of the case.  It has seriously extended my battery life.  I have had it for the past few weeks and one day, I got up at 6:45am and grabbed my phone out of the charger then.  I used the GPS in it for probably about 3 hours that day as well as texting quite a bit and making phone calls.  The powerskin died sometime around 2 or 3 PM and the phone switched to its internal battery for the rest of the day.  I finally got back to my condo at about 10PM and still had about 25% internal battery life remaining.  That’s pretty impressive in my opinion.

The only downside for me is that it makes my phone pretty heavy.  I certainly wish it was a little lighter but I guess that’s the trade off.  There have been times that I have left my case to charge and taken the phone out of it and when the case was fully charged and ready, I’d put the phone back in the case and it would charge the internal battery of my phone while using it.  Here are a few pictures of my phone with and without the case so you can get an idea of how much thicker the phone with the case is.









While the phone is plugged into the case, the case charges the phone.  In the picture below, it displays the power charge LED on the mytouch because the phone is running off of the power from the battery in the case.

I’m pretty happy with the case over all

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.  If you check out amazon, you can get the case for about $40.  It’s not a bad deal.

If you have a mytouch are are struggling to get more usage and battery life out of it, the XPal Powerskin might be the solution for you.  Check it out!

Questions?  Comments?  Feel free to comment below or email me at jason@jasoncastellente.com.

4 Responses to “T-Mobile mytouch 4G Powerskin case”

  1. Cheryl July 19, 2011 at 2:00 pm #

    Thanks for the info, however, you failed to mention the overall factor of protection of the skin. Not to say that you drop your phone often, but with it being a “skin” does it provide protection the needs in the event that its dropped. Will the functioning of the case be affected in such an event? Thanks again for the info.

    • Dave November 18, 2011 at 8:06 pm #

      I am also a heavy user on my phone, apps, GPS, Navi systems etc where I go through the skin battery and into the phone battery pretty deeply by the end of the day without extra charging.

      Here’s the downside. It is pretty cheaply made. My son (who uses his phone more than me has gone through 2 skins already this year. I am on my 2nd since February this year. The skin seems to just “wear out” according to the local T-Mobile store and is only covered a month by them – after that your onyour own.

      So basically – it’s awesome but if you use your phone a lot be prepared to spend an extra $40 or so every 6months to replace the spent PowerSkin.

      • jasoncastellente November 18, 2011 at 8:11 pm #

        Actually, I should have updated this review that I had the same problem. Mine broke as well. I wish they were made better then they are. They’re great in the beginning but then wear pretty quickly…


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