Depend on God, and do what you do well


I remember towards the middle of last year, I did an event that really stressed me out.  It wasn’t necessarily bigger then what I had done in the past.  But, it had aspects of it that I had never done before.  I walked down paths that I had never walked down before.  Sure, others had walked down those paths before or else there would not have been a path, but it was my first time.

So many times, we hear people talk about how stress and pressure is a bad thing and that we need to avoid it.  But, there is a positive side to feeling that kind of crunch.  God has not given us a spirit of fear, but He has given us power and a sound mind.  Having the power of God at our backs certainly empowers us and without Him, we can’t really do anything.  All our talents and skills are from God and if He is the force behind what we do as creatives, innovators, and production techs.  It should give us boldness and confidence.  The sound mind is huge here.  No, it’s not an audio engineer joke.  A sound mind is one that thinks clearly and evaluates the pro’s and con’s and makes wise decisions.  It plans things out logically and in the best way possible to get things done.  If you’ve done your job, then you should walk in confidently even in the unknown because you’ve done you’re do-diligence and you’re prepared

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Anything else is an attack of the enemy that wishes to steal that time and opportunity away from you.  I was really stressed out before that event even though I was prepared because Satan knew God was going to do great things and he’ll strike fear into your heart to bring you to a grinding halt

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If you try to do things without planning, then you should be nervous.  Don’t say something failed because God let you down.  He gave you a sound mind…use it!

Press forward, press on and do what God has called you to do.  Do your job well and be prepared.

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