Learning to be okay with Over Communication

Sunday morning is full of pressure, stress and distraction

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.  I wrote about how to deal with and minimize distractions in the tech world in a Sunday| Magazine article that was released earlier this week.

Our volunteer base is just as susceptible to this as we are.  However, as a technical director, we’re held to a higher standard because of our leadership position.  We set the example to those we lead.  If we as tech directors are slacking and not paying attention, it’s even worse because we’re responsible for what happens.

It is easy to slack off due to tiredness and quickly lose focus on what we’re doing.  When you’re tired, you miss things and I know that when I’m tired, I’m cranky.  I get frustrated more easily then I normally would

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The tech director position tends to attract people who have type A personalities, people who only need to be told something once, and people who are perfectionists.

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