Google Fiber, the Multisite Church, and the Lens of Eternity

I’m a techie and nerd through and through.  It’s like a disease that I’ll never ber cured of.  But, that’s okay honestly.  Many people even make fun of me because most of the stuff that comes out of my mouth is tech oriented.

I see everything through the lens of a tech guy.  But, I also see everything through the lens of church, ministry, and communicating the love of Christ through whatever medium or means possible.

The announcement of Google Fiber recently really hit me in just that way.

If you haven’t checked out you should.  They’ve found ways to bring the crazy fast speeds of fiber-based internet access to the masses at affordable prices.  Faster speeds mean better access and quicker downloads and streaming.

Obviously, this is pretty sweet for everyone.  But, also think about what it means for churches and tech directors who are looking for better multisite streaming options for campus they are launching or already have for that matter.  Faster connections mean better options for streaming and less compression necessary on video feeds.  It’s an exciting new possibility.

But, I’d like to take this a step further.  Are we as technical directors and church ministry leaders looking at what is available to us and figuring out new and better ways to apply the resources available to us to the ministries that are available to us?  Options like this are opening newer and better conduits allowing us to better communicate the gospel.

View everything through the lens of eternity.  Use the skills and understanding that God has given you to find new and better ways to communicate the saving grace and love of Jesus Christ.

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