Behind the Scenes Technology: A Children’s Ministry Pastors Perspective – by David Brock

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So how can you get started using Google Drive in your ministry? Simply go on your web browser to and get started. They do a quick run through of everything for you. Once you get started meet with your team and figure out where your communication skills may be lacking or where they could simply improve. Google Drive provides Document, Spreadsheet, and Presentation support that all function in similar ways to the Microsoft Office Suite.

If you are used to sharing documents on a network drive you can download the Google Drive app for PC/Mac and simply drag those files into the Google Drive folder location and share it with your members on your team. I prefer this method because instead of limiting a document being open only on one computer at a time, you can all open it, edit it, and chat with each other either in video or text as you collaborate as a team.

Just like with all other technologies in ministry we must remember it is a tool and not a method. If the technology fails our execution of ministry should not be hindered. Yes, Google Drive provides an

incredible way for a team to collaborate on files and many other things, but that should not be the only communication your team experiences.

Behind the Scenes Technology should be the same way. If Google Drive suddenly cannot be accessed my team still knows what is going on and what we have to do. If the sound system at the church we are ministering to gets hit with a demon (okay, typically it’s user error or cheap technology), we still have to go on. If the projector fails we still are able to make the points from the sermon.

Google Drive is one of many “Behind the Scenes Technologies” that can be used in ministry and/or teamwork. What are some technologies that you use to help you prepare?

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