Some tracking notes

It’s almost the end of the year and I am graduating from Valley Forge Christian College at the end of this week.  So I am trying to squeeze the last bit of time that I have out of the VFCC Protools HD studio we have

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.  This week I am tracking a band called “The Interlude”.  Last night we did drum tracks.  I wanted to share my micing technique for my sessions to see what everyone thinks.  This is still a budget studio for students so I don’t have access to a ton of great mics but the school has been steadily improving and buying better gear and that makes me happy.  But anyway, here is what I used

1-Kick Attack = Shure PG81 (inside kick by where the beater would hit)

2-Kick = Shure Beta 52a (in hole on front of kick)

3-Kick Ambient = Shure KSM27 (about a foot in front of the kick)

4-Snare Top = SM57

5-Snare Bottom = AKG C414

6-High Hats = Audio Technica AE5100

7-Tom 1 Top = SM57

8-Tom 1 Bottom = Audix i5 (that mic was hatin’ me all night for some reason)

9-Tom 2 Top = Shure SM57

10-Tom 2 Bottom = AKG D112

11-Overhead Left = Shure SM81 (XY configuration above middle of kit)

12-Overhead Right = Shure SM81 (XY configuration above middle of kit)

Anyway, that’s what I used.  I know there are some people who read this who might have some good comments and ideas or maybe even things I can do better.  So let me know…I’d love to hear from you

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