All In and moving forward

Wow, this was a whirlwind weekend.  Actually, it was a whirlwind week topped off with a whirlwind weekend

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First and foremost, every day that I wake up, I realized that I am truly blessed beyond measure to be where I am now.  The faithfulness and love of God is overwhelming in my life.  He took so many of my dreams and interests and rolled them all into what was called the newly created “Production Coordinator” position at National Community Church.  And then, just because he is God, he plant me at a church that is a coffee shop and anyone who knows me, knows that I love coffee way more then any normal human being should.

I am continually amazed at God’s faithfulness in my life.  I am also amazed at how he continually acts in miraculous ways in National Community Church and this past week was no exception.

This past week, we experience what Pastor Mark is aptly calling a “double miracle”.  I can’t tell the story as well as Pastor Mark did so I would highly recommend that if anyone has an extra 45 minutes in the next week, that you check out the video of the sermon that Pastor Mark preached this past weekend at Ebenezer’s at

Basically, NCC is launching their SEVENTH location on Palm Sunday at an old theater that used to be owned by People’s Church down on Barracks Row in SE Washington DC.  Check out the google maps street view here

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God has done such an amazing miracle because by buying this property, not only does it allow NCC to continue to grow and increases our presence on Capitol Hill and gives us and even more strategic position in the marketplace, but we also re-invested in the Kingdom of God by financially enabling another church to re-plant themselves in a more strategic position to reach others for Jesus Christ.  People’s Church purchased a building in PG County Maryland where they will be building and replanting their church which used to meet on Barracks Row.  The pastor of People’s Church is 71.  He could have easily decided to ride it out where the church was planted, but instead, he had the courage to step out and decide that he would answer the call of God and replant their church.  What an amazing testimony!

Like I said, Pastor Mark tells the story much better then I do, so feel free to check out the sermon video from the past weekend or his blog post at


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