Photography and Video…diving into a new hobby

Over the past few years, I have been mainly into music and music technology.  I have done some other things too but I haven’t ventured too far out of that circle.  Nothing wrong with that at all.  I really enjoy it and I’ve began my career in that and I still love it.  But, I really want to diversify.

I’ve always been intrigued by video and photography.  I’m fascinated with capturing the moment whether it be just a snapshot, or a series of snapshots.  I want to stretch myself to think more artistically when looking at things and capturing ideas.  I was interested in graphic design but I struggle with creating something out of nothing really.  I must admit, the concept of a blank, white image on a computer screen is really quite amazing.  You can create anything you want out of that…but at the same time, it’s very intimidating.  I’m hoping that through photography and video, I can begin to grow and learn more not just in media, concepts, technology and communication, but maybe even in who I am.  I firmly believe that God can speak to you through anything, at anytime.  He is the master creator and hopefully by trying to dive deeper into this kind of hobby, I can learn more about who God is and what he is doing in the world today

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For me, the start of something that interests me means I go crazy wild in researching, reading and talking to other people until I can reach my goals and then if all goes successfully, I set more goals and the whole process starts over again

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So, I’m blogging about it because hopefully there are people out there who are WAY more talented then I who would have some great ideas on where to start, resources, and stuff that would be beneficial to me.  I’ve done some research but I really need to step it up.

Anything is welcomed…concepts, ideas, information, different facets of these topics….whatever.  I’m down…let’s see where this goes…

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