Your Talent is More Valuable than You Realize

Most people have heard the news weeks ago that Facebook purchased Instagram for a cool $1 billion.  I honestly think that none of us have any concept of just how much money that is.  It’s insane how much money that is!

Obviously, the CEO and the co-founder are going to make out with a ton of money because it was their idea.  The employees are set to get a decent amount of money because they were seriously in the right place at the right time.  But how did they get there?  They had to have some type of outstanding talent and some solid networking to be a part of Instagram in the first place.

Instagram had only 13 employees including the CEO and co-founder.  They must have been selective with who they brought on board and when they were brought on board.

But, it all started with a basic idea which was revealed to the public in October 2010.  It wasn’t worth much then but as it became more and more popular, they founders continued to develop and improve their idea.  I’m sure in the beginning they had no idea that the company would sell for $1 Billion dollars less then two years after it went public.

It’s the same thing with YOU.

We were created by God, in his image and likeness.  As believers in Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit is living inside of us and is active through us.  The question is, are we actively seeking God’s diving purpose and direction for our lives?  The inspiration we draw from is a product of his creation in some way, shape, or form and even more amazing, we are invited enter into a relationship with the Creator God of the universe.  As we draw closer to Him and all of His fullness, isn’t it a natural progression for us to be more creative?  It’s simply part of the process of striving to be more like God!

Those of us who serve in ministry are purposed with the task of saving lives and hearts.  Each individual person is priceless.  Our purpose in ministry needs to always be people, first and foremost.  The value of saving lives and reaching people is something only God can fully understand in the context of heaven and eternity.  When we steward our time and talents that God as gifted us to enhance the  creative ministries we are able to facilitate connections and communicate the love of Christ in ways that meet our culture where it’s needed.

How valuable are your talents?  While, it’s hard to wrap our minds around the physical and monetary worth of the talent of Instagram’s employees, how much more valuable are the talents God has given you to do ministry in the element of your calling?

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