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One of the huge perks of what I do at National Community Church is that I get to meet alot of great people who inspire me and push me towards greater things for the Kingdom of God.  WAVE Group is a full service AVL company that works with churches across the United States and has been involved in the Miracle Theater project that NCC is working on launching by providing excellent design services and will also be working on the installation.  I’ve appreciated getting to know the guys in the company over the past year and have grown from knowing them.

I’ve been convicted over the past year, that in order to grow, I must find new ways to pour out myself in order for God to fill me with something fresh and new.  That’s a very spiritual principle that I believe is also practical as well.  I can’t grow unless I not only strive for excellence in what I do, but I must also teach what I’ve learned so that others can sharpen their skills.

Writing for my blog as well as for other websites such as Sunday| Magazine have not only served as ways for me to better learn my craft in writing, but has also allowed me to pour out something that God has placed on my heart and has given me.  After all, what God has given me is not mine to keep; I must steward it for the kingdom

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When Armando and Clark approached me to write for the WAVE Group blog, I was honored and excited share some of what God has been doing and working on in my life and ministry lately.  I wrote on a pretty difficult and some what sensitive topic about balancing your passion for what you do and serving the leadership of your church effectively even when there is conflict and some ways I’ve found I can deal with issues more effectively and peacefully.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“If it’s all about Jesus, then it simply can’t be about us

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. If we’re all working towards a common goal, then it will set us on a path of unity in our direction. Otherwise, we will have placed ourselves on a higher pedestal then God Himself. Effectiveness comes when we realize that we have to take our passions and our talent out of the context of us and put it in the context of others and the ultimate goal of reaching people for Christ….”


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