Sunday| Mag: Myths about the Tech Department

This Wednesday, Sunday| Magazine dropped their 6th issue filled with myths that the creative church has fallen into and believes.  It’s pretty killer and hits some really awesome topics.

My article focused on Myths About the Tech Department which you can read here.

By my article is not the best article by far.  There’s great material in there and wanted to drop a few quotes that impacted my spirit and passion for what I do:


“God is in the details.  Art that impacts is all about the details. Your favorite movies weren’t just thrown together, they were the product of intense scrutiny and focus. The best music isn’t the product of a momentary infilling of inspiration, it comes from a relentless focus on the details. Surely we don’t think the basic rules of creativity and art don’t apply to us because we work for the Lord, do we? After all, didn’t He make the rules up in the first place?”  -Whitney George


“It doesn’t matter how new, expensive, or cutting-edge your technology is. If you have nothing to say, it will only result in shiny, entertaining gimmicks.”  -Stephen Proctor


“Worship music too easily becomes worshipped.

We’ll even start worshipping our rock stars with guitars. We worship the worship leaders because they’re the keepers of the precious – of the worship music.

It’s not meant to be this way. The tool of worship is never supposed to be worshipped. When that happens we have an idol. And God won’t stand for it. He isn’t in to sharing the spotlight.
So let’s break this myth of Christian music. I’m not hating on the music industry or worship music.”  -Jonathan Malm


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